Serviced office in Tokyo is Tensho office Column list By User You can get a business manager visa even if in “serviced office”. The necessary conditions for acquired it.

You can get a business manager visa even if in “serviced office”. The necessary conditions for acquired it.

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They require the business manager visa, the case to start a new business that foreigner resident in Japan. The business manager visa can be acquired for using “serviced office”. However, not all kind of serviced office can be acquired it. If you would like to get the business manager visa with rent a “serviced office”, you are required to select the proper office for getting the visa.

What is the proper office for acquiring the business manager visa?

What is the business manager visa?

Foreigner who resident in Japan required the qualification for staying and there are many different kinds of status.

A definition of business managing.

Business manager visa means “Status of residence granted to foreigners who manage trade or other business in Japan or engage in activities related to the management of the business”. To express “business” and “management” concretely in this definition will be the information of making decision for getting a residential status.

A definition of Manager.

Here, “manager” is who meets certain requirements any one of the following conditions:

1) Said business is conducted whose amount of stated capital or investment is not less than 5,000,000 yen.

2) There are more than two employees who have a full-time job and living in Japan.

3) To be admitted for conforming to 1) and 2) the above.

A definition of administrator.

Here, “administrator” is who has more than 3 years experiences in the field (include the period of time of the major for business manager in graduated school). Furthermore, a person who receive the remuneration should be on the same standard of it with who pursue in Japan.

The other cautionary points.

In the business manager visa, there is no conditions for academic background or qualification. At the stages of the examination, to make an overall evaluation include those elements but not absolutely necessary.

Can get a business manager visa even if in “serviced office”. The necessary conditions for acquired it.

“Serviced office” will be also available to secure the office in Japan. However, in that case, to secure the private room will be the necessary conditions for getting business manager visa.  To be more specific about private room:

1) To be mullioned space

2) In a manner easily recognizable as the external policies with sign or nameplate.

Basically, at an expansive space like a shared office will not acquire the business manager visa.

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The merits of choosing “serviced office”.

It was found from the result that conditions for getting business manager visa will be cleared if it could only assure the private room even if in the serviced office. Then, let’s start by looking at the merits of choosing “serviced office”.

Monthly rent at popular price.

It will help you when if it has no financial leeway at the stage of startup or undertake an enterprise.

Have an office in situated in a good location.

It is one of the merits to choose the “serviced office” that having the office to light heartedly at the place which rent is expensive originally.

Can get a chance to communicate with other tenants.

In case in the “serviced office”, guess it is easy to achieve a horizontal relationship with the other tenants since the building include some other solo proprietorship.

Important notices of considering to rent a “serviced office”.

There are some important notices of using “serviced office”, there are many kinds of merits to choosing a “serviced office” though. For example, the people who cares about the noise will unfit for it since quite a few people will go in and out in the rooms.

Also, in the case of the room for booth type, the people will unfit who deal with a lot of personal information. On the other hand, there is firmly demand from writer or designer.

The strength of TENSHO OFFICE

In “serviced office” of the TENSHO OFFICE, there are private spaces so they meet the condition of acquiring the business manager visa and be prepared the rooms to meet the needs for many kinds of occupation.


Even though there are many kinds of merit or demerit, they have many kinds of other plan and property in “serviced office”. The possibilities of finding suitable plan and property will increase if you understand the features of your job clearly and find the important points to choose the office for you. It is a matter of course to understand the condition of acquiring the business manager visa, and choose to suit your lifestyle.

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