Contract procedure

Contract procedure

  • Office viewing

    STEP 01Office viewing

    If you are interested in a particular building or room, please contact us to arrange an office viewing. Our staff will show you the room explain procedures up to execution of a contract. You can visit multiple offices.

  • Reserve office spaces

    STEP 02Reserve office spaces

    You can reserve office spaces. Reservation is valid for a week. Please decide whether you take the space or not during the term.

  • Apply

    STEP 03Apply

    Before making an agreement, we examine a number of documents. Please send the required documents via e-mail or FAX. Required documents are depend on Individual agreement or Corporate agreement. Please check “About required documents”

  • Examination

    STEP 04Examination

    Once all the documents are prepared, we examine them.
    It takes 2 – 3 business days to examine.

    * Application may not be approved in some cases.
    * We cannot answer questions related to results of examination.
    * Parsonally delivered documents cannot be returned.

  • Arrange an agreement date

    STEP 05Arrange an agreement date

    After approval, we arrange an agreement date and start documents preparation such as a lease agreement and invoice.

    * It takes about 5 business days to prepare documents.
    * We may not be able to meet your request of a contract date.

  • Payment

    STEP 06Payment

    You will be required to pay the initial fee by the day before of the agreement date. In case if you miss the due we will not be able to go through the agreement process.

  • Sign an agreement

    STEP 07Sign an agreement

    We hand over the key after you sign an agreement at the building you move into.
    You can use the office once the procedure is completed.

    What you need to bring on the agreement day

    【Corporate agreement】
    ・Company seal
    ・CEO’s personal name seal (If you do not have, please sign as an alternative)
    ・Bank seal (If you wish to pay by direct debit)
    【Individual agreement】
    ・ Lessee’s seal (If you do not have, please sign as an alternative)
Tensho-kun bow Please feel free to contact us.
Please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions about the agreement or our facilities,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to being able to meet you.

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