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Benefits of renting an office space (Rental office in Japan)

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If you start up your business, where you want to work is the one of the things you need to decide. Renting an office space is becoming common for companies with a small number of employees and even for freelancers. There are number of benefits associated with renting an office space.

About office for rent (Rental office)

What is office for rent?

In Japan, there are two type of ways you can rent an office. One is renting office spaces from a building owner which is called 貸事務所(Kashi-jimusho), and the other is renting from office providers, called レンタルオフィス(Rental office)

With rental office, you can save your money and will not need to purchase desk and chair as it is provided.

What is the difference between shared office?

The biggest difference between rental office and shared office is to have a private space or not. You can have a completely private space as same as 貸事務所(Kashi-jimusho). In contrast, shared office is you share a section of a floor with multiple tenants.

Benefits of having a rental office

1.Provided office furniture

Some of the office furniture such as desk and chair and photocopiers are provided in rental offices. You will be able to save your money starting your business.

2.Convenient location and affordable initial fee

The most of rental office is located close to metropolitan area and major stations so you can work in a convenient environment.
Moreover, the initial fee is less-expensive compared to 貸事務所(Kashi-jimusho) which is required to pay 6 – 12 months’ rent in advance as an initial fee. However, the market price of the initial fee of rental office is 1 – 2 months’ rent, so you can suppress the initial cost.

3.Various optional services

A lot of rental office providers have optional service such as telephone forwarding and café. It is workers friendly to have the services according to your needs.

4.Registerable office address

The most of rental offices are registerable. There are numbers of tedious process registering address, but with rental office address it might go smooth.

5.Various sized office spaces

There are wide range of the size of rental office, for 1 person to more than 20. you can easily change the location of your office depending how many employees there are.

Disadvantage of having a rental office

1.There is a risk it might cost more than 貸事務所(Kashi-jimusho)

If you wish to use a lot of optional service such as meeting room and telephone forwarding service, you might need to pay additional fee. Therefore it would cost more than the rent of 貸事務所(Kashi-jimusho). However, it is convenient for people who need just an office space.

2.Interior cannot be renovated

Since it is a rental space, the interior of the space cannot be renovated. You would need to evacuate the space in the same condition as when you moved in

What service do they have, and the cost of the rental office?

General services of rental offices

Each provider has different services, but listed below is the common service they usually offer.
2.Collecting mails
3.Meeting spaces
4.Room cleaning

Some providers charge for the services above, so it is necessary to ask providers in advance if you need to pay the additional fee.

Market price for rental offices

Price of rental office is consisted with the initial fee and the monthly rent. In Tokyo, the market price of the initial fee is from 150,000 yen to 200,000 yen, the rent is from 40,000 yen to 100,000 yen. It will cost more if you add optional services.

Comparison between rental office and other options

Now, here is the comparison between home office, virtual office, shared office, 貸事務所(Kashi-jimusho) and rental office.

1.Home office

Home office is the first thing you come up with when you think about getting work space instead of having your own office. In this way you will not need commute to your work place and save your time and also money.
However, working at home makes it harder for you to make the distinction between work and private, and may reduce trust in your company.

2.Virtual office

Compared to rental office which having a working space as your office, with virtual office you do not have actual working space, but getting office address, telephone number and FAX number. It is quite reasonable unlike renting actual office space, but sometimes it makes registering your office address more difficult and your customer cannot visit your office. Therefore, for people who have just launched their business should get an actual office space.

3.Shared office

Shared office is you share a work space with multiple users. You do not have your own private space with it. The rent is cheaper than rental office, but there is a risk of information leakage.


貸事務所 is a type of an office you make a contract with owners. It has advantage of earning liability, and the interior can be renovated. On the other hand, the initial fee is more expensive and you need to wait longer to move in.

Tensho Office have the affordable and great quality office space for rent

If you are looking for an office space in Tokyo, Tensho Office must be the first and the best option you have. Tensho Ofice provide number of offices around Tokyo, and here is the special feature.

1.Affordable initial fee

The initial fee of the office space is affordable which is 50,000 yen for the space for one person, and for more than two is 100,000 yen. Moreover, there is no brokerage fee, guarantee fee, and other deposits.

2.Registerable address

At Tensho Office, you can register your company as same as normal offices, so it is ideal for people who starting up their business.

3.Great selection of no charge services

You can use Tensho Office’s meeting room, internet, electricity, shredder, photocopier, mailbox and delivery locker for free.

Services you get for fee
1)Meeting room
3)Lounge space
4)Mailbox and delivery locker
5)Office furniture
6)Water and electricity bill (They are included the common area fee)
7)Installed phone line
8)Common area cleaning

Overall, it is good cost performance. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering renting an office space.

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