Infomation Salon

Video-preview Tensho Offices


We offer the opportunity to video-preview Tensho Offices over 15 places in Tokyo.

It is very useful for the customers would like to see several Tensho Offices to watch the videos.

While watching them, we explain about details not showed in the videos next to customers.

Therefore, you are able to watch and check the points you would like to watch more.

Above all, you are able to see how other tenants use rooms as their offices and more clearly get your working image.

But you could not see them in that case of actual office viewing at each office. This is one of merits of watching videos.

Complimentary drinks are served. We are waiting for your visit.


Reservations required.
Please contact us +81-03-3567-4214 if you’d like to use.
Open Mon.-Fri. 10 am to 6 pm.


1F Kikuya Building, 2-8-21 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan

Tokyo Metro Ginza-line
Kyobashi Sta.
Exit 6…30 secs Walk

Tokyo Metro Asakusa-line
Takaracho Sta.
Exit A7…4 mins Walk

JR/ Tokyo Metro
Tokyo Sta.
Yaesu South Exit…8 mins Walk

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