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NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - 2 months FREE! & Contract fee 50%OFF!

This promotion is available only for the new tenants who rent more than 6 months.


Exterior of Suidoubashi

The whole building is a serviced office.


  • Private office

    Private office

    All rooms are private office spaces.Individual air-conditioning and heater included.

  • Available from 1 person

    From 1 person

    from 1 person
    to 12 people.

  • Available from 1 month

    From 1 month

    You can rent
    an office
    from 1 month.
    Long-term contract
    is also available.

  • Furniture


    We provide desks and chairs for the number of people you have.

  • Internet


    Hi-speed internet access is available for free.

  • Meeting room

    Meeting room

    They are convenient for meetings and buisiness appointments.

  • Registration


    You can register our office space for corporate registration.

  • Low-cost


    No deposit, No commission fee, No key money, No renewal fee, and No restoration fee.


3-5-9,Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061

2 minute walk from Suidoubashi station.
corporate registration is available.


Private office

All rooms are
private rooms
Office furniture
Internet access

Shared facilities

Meeting rooms
Comfortable lounge area
Copier & Printer
Mailbox & Delivery Box

Free of charge

Office furniture
Internet access
Meeting rooms
Comfortable lounge area
Mailbox & Delivery Box
are free

Fee and Plan

Monthly Total & Initial cost

Available rooms

(Tax included)

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