Frequently Asked Questions


There are 13 TENSHO OFFICE rental offices in central Tokyo.
They are low-priced rental offices featuring excellent locations and offering an extensive range of facilities.

About the cost

How much is the initial cost?

The initial cost includes the contract fee and first month's rent.
The contract fee is 50,000 yen for a booth type office and 100,000 yen for a completely private type office.
We do not require a deposit or commission fee, which are normally required when you rent an office.

How much is the monthly cost (running cost)?

It is the total of the rental fee and common service fee.
A separate charge will be applied for the use of shared color copiers.

How much is the restoration fee?

We do not charge a restoration fee when you move out.
*It is included in the contract fee.
You can save expenses when moving out of the office.

About the contract

Can we register your office for corporate registration?

Yes, you can. You can register our office for corporate registration.

What is your contract period?

Our contract period is from 1 month to 1 year fixed term lease contract. (Contract can be renewed.)
Please give us one month's notice prior to cancellation.

About our facilities

Do we have to bring desks and chairs?

We provide some office furniture.
You can also bring your own.

Is there a charge for meeting rooms?

You can use a meeting room for 90 minutes or up to 120 minutes for free per day.

Is there a charge for internet access?

High-speed internet access is available for free.

Can we receive mail and letters?

Yes, you can. We provide a dedicated mailbox.

Can we receive courier deliveries?

As an intercom is installed at the entrance, you can receive deliveries.
We also provide delivery lockers, so you can receive deliveries even when you are out of the office.

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