Low-priced serviced office in Tokyo
featuring excellent location
and Abundant facilities and services

serviced office
Rent and all services
are affordable

Low initial cost and rent.

Low monthly total

Monthly total includes rent and common service fee.

No fees for office furniture, internet, meeting room or utilities.
No additional fees are required, and the monthly total is very affordable.

Low initial cost

Initial cost includes contract fee and Monthly Total ( first month ).

・Completely private office ……
Contract fee : 100,000 yen

・Office space for 1 person
or Booth type office ……
Contract fee : 50,000 yen

(Booth type offices are cubicals with doors. You have a key and can lock your room.)

Zero restoration costs

As we do not charge a restoration fee when you move out,
you can save expenses on moving to a new office in the future.

You can move out of the office with only one month's notice.

When moving out of an office building, 2 to 6 months' notice is usually required. As TENSHO OFFICE only requires one month's notice, you can immediately move out depending on your circumstances.

Private type
serviced office

All rooms are private rooms, providing a comfortable environment where you can concentrate on work.

・All rooms are private rooms. (We provide "completely private type" and "booth type" rooms.)
・Unlimited internet access
・We provide desks and chairs for the number of people you have
・We provide a dedicated intercom system
・Dedicated telephone/fax lines are available for your own devices

Extensive range
of free services

Free of Charge High-quality office furniture

We provide desks and chairs for the number of people you have. (The fee is included in the common service fee.)
We provide high-quality furniture including desks, office chairs, cabinets and partitions.

Free of Charge Meeting room

You can use it for free. (The fee is included in the common service fee.)
You can use meeting rooms for 2 to 6 people, which are convenient for meetings and business appointments.
You can use a meeting room for 90 minutes or up to 120 minutes for free per day.

Free of Charge Extensive range of facilities

Every facility can be used for free of charge. (The fees are included in the common service fee.)
・Meeting space
・Dedicated mailbox
・Delivery locker

Free of Charge Internet access

Internet access is free of charge. (It is included in the common service fee.)
Unlimited access for high-speed internet.

Free of Charge We also offer dedicated telephone/fax

A telephone line has been installed in each room.
To subscribe to a telephone line, a direct contract must be signed with a telecom company.
Please pay the predefined amount to the telecom company.

Free of Charge Utilities

Utilities are free of charge. (They are included in the common service fee.)

Free of Charge Common space cleaning service every day

The common space cleaning service is free of charge. (It is included in the common service fee.)
We provide a well-maintained, clean and hygienic space.

Paid services
are also available

Fully-equipped with color copiers

Available at 10 yen per black-and-white and 45 yen (tax incl.) per color copy.

Print out is available via computer.

Color copiers can also be used as printers for computers.

Corporate registration
is available

You can register our office for corporate registration.

Many serviced offices cannot be registered for corporate registration. TENSHO OFFICE can be registered for corporate registration in the same way as a normal office.

required upon signing
service contract

Personal contract

・Office rental application form (designated form)
・Resident card
・Copy of your bank book (copy of a page where we can confirm your start-up capital)

Corporate contract

・Office rental application form (designated form)
・Copy of corporate registration of your company
・P/L statement, balance sheet, corporation tax return
・Copy of resident card of office user (It must be the resident card for the representative or Japanese manager, and you are required to have a joint guarantor.)

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